ISWC2003 Industrial Track Call

The submission deadline for Industrial Track papers has been extended to 31 May 2003.

The industrial track of the conference encourages submissions covering innovative commercial implementations of semantic web technology, novel applications of semantic web technology, and experience in applying research advances to practical situations. Such papers should describe innovative implementations, new approaches to fundamental challenges (such as large scale ontologies or semantic complexity), or other major technical improvements to the state-of-the-practice. Industrial / application / experience submissions may be either full papers whose technical density is comparable to research submissions or extended abstracts.

Discouraged are papers or abstracts that are marketing oriented or are pure product descriptions or specifications.

The goal of the industrial track is to demonstrate the application of research results in software products as well as state real world requirements from practical applications that might encourage further research into specific domains of semantic web technology.

Industrial Track Committee

Dean Allemang (TopQuadrant, USA)

Bill Andersen (OntologyWorks, USA)

Jürgen Angele (Ontoprise, Germany)

John Davies (British Telecom, UK)

Alain Leger (France Telecom, France)

Andreas Persidis (Biovista, Greece)

Satish Thatte (Microsoft, USA)

David Trastour (Hewlett-Packard, UK)

Michael Uschold (The Boeing Company, USA)

Arian Zwegers (Baan, Netherlands)

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